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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

May 26, 2022

Natalie Ross shares how following her intuition led her to where she is now. Feeling safe and making money. You’ll also hear about:

  • Co-creating your dreams, with help of somatic therapy 
  • No longer living a life in shutdown mode 
  • Feeling truly alive for the first time 
  • Experiencing true agency and sovereignty, through healing the nervous system 

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Natalie Ross is the host of the Earth Speak Podcast and co-founder of Earth Speak and the Earth Speak Collective. Natalie is also a trauma-informed marketing coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. She weaves mycelial webs that help people connect with self, community, nature, and spirit for personal and collective healing. Having experienced the debilitating impact of complex trauma (cPTSD), she knows how hard it can be for intuitive, caring people to exist, let alone run a business, in this society fueled by greed and domination. 

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • A revisioning for Earth Speak 
  • Natalie shares her money story and the roadblocks that prevented her from getting paid in her business
  • The pressure that Natalie’s money story put on her relationship with her husband 
  • She shares how she’s now earning money and feeling awesome 
  • A primer on what is the nervous system and what does it mean to feel safe
  • Shift your nervous system to shift your thoughts 
  • How the system thrives on the threat response
  • How Natalie didn’t feel safe enough to have her needs met 
  • Taking responsibility for your healing 
  • What is trauma? 
  • How the state of your nervous system, determines what story your telling 
  • Natalie shares what it’s like to work with a somatic therapist 
  • Developing your intuition and cultivating connection to the Earth, self, and community 
  • Feeling truly alive for the first time 
  • Somatic therapy as the key to finding safety within the body
  • Manifestation vs co-creation
  • What does it mean to heal?
  • Creating pathways to safety 
  • Co-creating your dreams, with somatic therapy 
  • What happened when Natalie finally reached her critical mass of safety 
  • On bro-marketing and what else is really possible 
  • Experiencing true agency and sovereignty, by healing the nervous system 
  • Why finding safety in the body is at the root of feeling on purpose, healthy, and earning money
  • How nature can be a sanctuary of safety 
  • Fear response vs intuition 
  • On the burden of the amour we wear 
  • And so much more! 

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