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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Feb 3, 2023

In this catch-up chat, Natalie & Shawna share about liberating oneself from imposter syndrome. You’ll also hear about:

  • What's coming next for Earth Speak? 
  • Somatics and liberation 
  • Making a living doing the work you never expected to be doing but are perfectly positioned for
  • Natalie shares about her new program

Jan 26, 2023

Natalie Ross, Earth Speak co-founder, shares about the traditions around the Celtic holiday called Imbolc that signifies the beginning of spring. From Natalie:

"My ancestral lineages are Celtic and Nordic. What I’m sharing is part of my investigations into my own ancestral roots to discover who are the people in my...

Jan 7, 2023

Naomi Love shares the role of the space holder to be trauma-informed and create a safe environment for healing work to happen. You’ll also hear about:

  • What is somatic womb healing? 
  • Creating space for integration 
  • What happens when facilitator training is not trauma-informed 
  • Cultivating resilience to meet...

Sep 22, 2022

Content warning - while we’re not getting graphically gorey, this is an intense topic that still resonates with the challenges we face today in a society ruled by supremacy. Pay attention to your body and your needs, and if it’s too much, pause or turn it off.

Natalie + Naomi share how prosecuting witches was a...

Sep 1, 2022

Natalie shares how she grew her business, shifted her patterns, and found aliveness, ease, and capacity. You’ll also hear about:

  • Aligning with your work and understanding your purpose
  • Finding safety and co-regulating in community 
  • Natalie and Kat share about the Embodied Curiosity - Business Alchemist...