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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Nov 25, 2016

Dan de Lion returns for a conversation that brings illumination to our situations as individuals in what is becoming a global society. We talk about alchemical spagryic processes with both herbs and people/society. Dan explains what they are and how they pertain to our current times where science and spirit and...

Nov 18, 2016

Earth Sisters Gatherings are bringing women together to reconnect with their spirits within and with the spirits of the earth. Their first gathering was on October 1st, 2016 in Los Angeles to connect with the spirit of water. The women who started Earth Sisters, Megan Jane and Naada Guerra, both have a relationship to...

Nov 11, 2016

Rebecca Conran is a healer and intuitive in New York City. We talked with her about her past as an addict, and we get real about a chilling turning point in her will to live. She shares her story of discovering she’s a psychic empath and what that meant moving forward in creating a life […]

Nov 5, 2016

Brian Stafford left his 20-year career as a psychiatrist to become a wilderness guide and agent of human and cultural transformation. He completed the intensive training as a psycho-spiritual wilderness guide with the Animas Valley Institute, and now guides individuals to the place they most long and fear to go –...