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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Oct 19, 2020

Raven Rose shares how she works with the plants and her well ancestors for health, healing, deep connection, and guidance. You’ll also hear about:

  • How to track the menstrual cycle, for deep connection and flow 
  • Healing ancestral wounding and trauma in the dream-space 
  • The womb wisdom of our ancestors 
  • The menstrual cycle as sacred 

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Raven Rose is a Menstrual Health Herbalist, Educator, and Medicine Woman, whose work focuses on cultivating womb wellness and bringing balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Raven has studied herbalism, ethnobotany, ancestral medicine, womb massage, spiritual healing, and Kambo therapy in the Peruvian Amazon. She delicately weaves the magic and medicine of the plants and the ancestors into her consciously created business Moon Medicine, to assist her clients on their journey to health and healing.

We are also excited to share that Raven will be hosting a workshop with Earth Speak in October, on Ancestral Dreamwork. In this workshop, we will be guided by Raven and the plants to connect, communicate, and heal with our well ancestors.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Bringing balance to the menstrual cycle with the help of Qigong
  • Creativity and the blood of creation 
  • The womb wisdom of our ancestors 
  • Balance as liberation
  • Ancestral dreamwork as a tool for connection and guidance
  • Birth control methods - the modern vs the old ways 
  • The Fertility Awareness Method / FAM
  • Re-remembering the menstrual cycle as sacred 
  • How to track the menstrual cycle, for deeper connection and flow 
  • How Raven’s work cultivates connection to the body
  • Weaving the Spirit world with the physical world
  • Less doing and more being 
  • How the feminine has been suppressed 
  • Healing ancestral wounding and trauma in the dream-space 
  • Seeking balance with the energies of the feminine and masculine 
  • Taking time off for menstruation and restoration 
  • Living as the most vibrant expression of yourself 
  • Herbs for mental clarity
  • Raven shares how she works with her plant and nature allies 
  • And more!

Listen back to episode 11 with Raven Rose, on Healing Period Pain with Herbal Smoke Blends.