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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Apr 23, 2020

Raven Rose shares about connecting to plants and ancestors through dreamwork, plus:

  • Learning how to read tarot with the support of ancestors & dreams
  • Womb massage to release stuck energy
  • Raven’s first ceremonial Kambo experience

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Raven is a menstrual health herbalist and medicine woman who helps people restore menstrual and womb health with herbs, traditional medicines, and ancestral lineage healing. Since overcoming her battle with endometriosis, Raven now offers Kambo ceremonies and herbal consults focused on weaving the connection between spiritual journeying and womb wellness.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Invoking the spirit of Cedar
  • Connecting to your ancestral lineage through plant spirit medicine
  • Raven’s personal story living with and healing endometriosis
  • Getting quiet enough to listen receive plant wisdom
  • Raven’s Tarot card pull for this conversation: Son of Wands and Five of Swords
  • How to repel the weapons of fear mongers and restore your own fire energy
  • Asking yourself, “Is this stream of consciousness benefitting me?”
  • Tasting Jamaican soursop for the first time 
  • Praying over an herbal smoking blend
  • Connecting to plants and ancestors through dreamwork
  • Listening from the heart space
  • Working with imphepho, a South African herb
  • Raven’s homemade smoking blend recipe to call in ancestors (wild lettuce, lavender, and indigo lion’s tail)
  • Developing a direct connection with the symbology of the tarot through dreamwork
  • Putting herbs under your pillow to receive messages
  • Raven’s dream that led her to encounter a medicine man and her first ceremonial Kambo experience
  • Reintegrating back into city life after an intense healing journey
  • Womb massage to release stuck energy
  • An easy way to sense where energy is stuck in your body or ancestral lineage
  • A body oil massage recipe using aspen, pedicularis, monarda, and mugwort 
  • How Raven used the power of dreamwork to triumph over her sexual trauma and endometriosis
  • Dream journaling advice to track your process and patterning
  • Herbs for dreamwork: mugwort, bacopa (Brahmi), tulsi, sinapis leptus curti, silene capensis
  • How Raven connects the dots between body ailments and ancestral trauma
  • Playing music and weaving as reciprocity for ancestors

Bonus Secret Episode! Raven talks about how she received the vision to pursue her spiritual business full time in this week’s secret episode



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