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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Apr 28, 2023

In this conversation, Natalie & Shawna share what's on their hearts and minds, and explore the next phase of Earth Speak. You’ll also hear about:

  • How did we get here and how do we co-create more aliveness in the future  

  • How to support different communities and move away from marginalization

  • Capacity, somatics, and co-creating community 

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Natalie Ross helps magical entrepreneurs tweak their marketing, so they can reach more of the people they're meant to serve. She helps them go from feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to talk about what they do to creating content that's fun and brings in more sales. She also produces the Earth Speak podcast and runs a community about connecting more deeply with self, others, nature and spirit.
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Shawna finds inspiration from all aspects of life but most notably nature and human connection. She brings experience and awareness from being a white assuming mixed-race black woman living in America. As a student of Psychological Ethnic Anthropology, she enjoys liberating folks from aspects of what make them feel othered by society.
Learn more at @shawna.cason and @folkflorist 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Natalie and Shawna discuss ideologies, constructs, and the early history of anthropology 

  • Finding safety within oneself so we can find safety within community 

  • How we both inherit and are influenced by ideologies 

  • Deconstructing race and the myth of race 

  • Shawna shares her experience of being mixed-race and multicultural 

  • The concept of the melting pot, whiteness, and the erasure of cultures

  • How to support different communities but move away from marginalization

  • That we are all the same species, the same race 

  • How did we get here and how do we co-create more aliveness in the future?  

  • How power structures have separated and governed the relationship between humans and the Earth

  • Systems of othering

  • Co-existing and celebrating difference 

  • We explore, how when one person is oppressed in the system we are all oppressed 

  • The ways that power structures create and maintain oppression 

  • Looking to nature for models of how to thrive together 

  • Moving away from the myth of scarcity 

  • Surviving, thriving, and embodying sustainablity within late capitalism

  • What is capacity? 

  • What can we co-create in community, when we come from a place of safety? 

  • Honoring and finding safety within ourselves so we can honor the need for safety in others

  • Moving forward through trauma healing, embodiment, and navigating the nervous system 

  • Answering the call to create healing for ourselves and our community 
  • And so much more!

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