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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Feb 11, 2021

Alissa Maya shares on being seen, and how the plants have held her through the journey to heal her Mother Wound. You’ll also hear about:

  • Reconnecting to your lineage with plant medicine
  • Working with the Spirit and the medicine of Cannabis
  • On trusting the process and trusting the medicine
  • Decriminalizing medicinal plants 


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Alissa Maya is a folk herbalist and embodiment plant medicine activist, who bridges the gap between self-care and community care. She is passionate about educating herself and her community of the benefits of using plants, intention, rituals, and ceremonies to create profound self-healing. She is guided and inspired by the moon to live and teach how to be in alignment with our body’s natural cycles. Through her own experience and trauma, Alissa has learned how to integrate somatic healing modalities with plant medicines, to soothe the nervous systems. Alissa’s intention is to share the tools that can help us to co-create ritual and sacredness in our everyday lives, by connecting us back with plant medicine, cycles of nature, and the reflection of our bodies.

Alissa’s intuitive and Spirit-led business Akasha Apothecary is an embodiment of the feminine and cyclical nature within all life. Creating a legacy of holistic wellness for all beings on earth through the lens of radical self-care. Through her website, Alissa offers handmade herbal medicines, workshops, 1:1 workshops sessions and so much more!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • On being a transracial adoptee and growing up surrounded by people who don’t look like you
  • The deep knowing that someone from your lineage was co-creating plant medicine
  • On finding a sense of belonging in nature
  • Alissa’s path to healing and how the plants found her
  • Working with plants from seed to salve
  • The medicine and abundance of the Cannabis plant
  • How the plants came to be intertwined with Alissa’s story
  • How we are removed from the process of making medicine
  • The commodification and colonization of plants for profit
  • The daily challenges of growing your own herbs and medicines
  • Incorporating intention and ritual into growing and making medicine
  • Working with the Spirit and the medicine of Cannabis
  • Re-connecting and cultivating relationships with plants that have been used for recreation
  • On decriminalizing medicinal plants
  • How and why Alissa gives back to her community
  • Alissa shares the story of adopting out her son, and how she became homeless
  • How the Akashic Records helped Alissa connect to a wealth of ancestral knowledge from within
  • The Mother Wound and on repeating ancestral patterns
  • On soothing your inner child and knowing you are worthy of love
  • How the structures that hold you, fall apart when you share your story
  • Creating a safe container for your healing
  • How the plants held Alissa through her trauma and healing
  • Alissa’s upcoming workshops
  • And more!


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