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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Mar 10, 2022

Nat and Kat share about weaving together energy work and strategy as a spiritual entrepreneur. You’ll also hear about:

  • Selling your services in a trauma-informed way 
  • The ick-factor of marketing 
  • How to find help when you don’t know how to move forward with your business 

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This week we’re sharing a conversation with Earth Speak Founder Natalie Ross and Spiritual Business Mentor Kat Lee. In this episode, Nat and Kat share about their upcoming Conscious Marketing Weekend Intensive, which they will be co-teaching together in early April 2022. In this workshop, they will be diving deep and teaching participants how to implement the things they discuss in this episode. 

Kat Lee is a Trauma-Informed Emotional and Somatic Alchemy Coach, host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast, and Creator of The Heart Lab. She guides her community to rewrite their relationship to safety, love, trust and belonging so they are able to cultivate conscious relationships and manifest their Dao (purpose). Kat believes that healing is a deep remembrance of who you are + recognizing that you are not broken. She believes that the Body, Mind, and Soul are interconnected and respond best to an integrated approach where all the parts of you are remembered. She believes in leaving room for magic. For slowing down to allow your intuition and Truth to rise to the surface. For finding validation through being rather than doing. For flowing through life being actively allowing rather than grasping. Kat’s role as coach and space-holder is to be your mirror and share tools and techniques that lead you back to the clarity of your own Heart and autonomy to make choices that are best for you, your body, and your Spirit. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Nat and Kat’s special offering to spiritual entrepreneurs 
  • On stepping outside of your trauma story, in order to share your medicine with your community 
  • Balancing yin and yang energy in business 
  • The ick-factor of marketing
  • On how can we approach pain and trauma in marketing?  
  • On recognizing your potential client as a sovereign being 
  • How traditional marketing centers white cis males 
  • Remembering that your value and worth is not decided by an external authority 
  • Why authentic marketing comes from within
  • Making marketing fun and why your work matters 
  • How social media makes us think we have to market ourselves as cool, pure, and perfect 
  • The perfectionist archetype 
  • Learning how to push your edge but still come home to safety 
  • How to find help when you don’t know how to move forward in your business 
  • On being taught to override the nervous system
  • Why you don’t have to use fear-based tactics in your business 
  • On burnout and dissociation 
  • Weaving together energy work and strategy, within business marketing 
  • On aligned attraction vs manipulative marketing 
  • On clearing blocks to creating content 
  • Learning to sell with integrity to attract your dream clients 
  • Ethical copyright and how it can elevate your relationships and change how you communicate in everyday 
  • Kat shares about her monthly trauma healing sessions with the Earth Speak Collective 
  • And so much more!

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