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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Dec 2, 2021

Kat Lee shares about doing the things you are supposed to do, but feeling empty and burnt out. You’ll also hear about:

  • How your Dao can help you remember who you were, before your wounding
  • How Kat worked with the 5 elements to build an aligned business
  • On why you don’t need a guru
  • The limitations of talk...

Nov 29, 2021

Announcing the Earth Speak T-Shirt! 👚🍄🌿
We wanted to create a talisman to help the wearer be seen in their magic as their true, weird self, and HERE IT IS!
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This shirt is not only a talisman for you to wear, but also a fundraiser to help maintain and grow Earth Speak in...

Nov 25, 2021

Sarah M Chappell shares about being in business without sacrificing yourself on the altar of extraction. You’ll also hear about:

  • What is a holistic business and how to create one 
  • Key features to include in your business if you’re impacted by chronic pain, illness, or other challenges
  • Common mistakes...

Nov 19, 2021

Natalie Ross and Shawna Cason share a special announcement and a call-out for support, from the Earth Speak community. You’ll also hear about:

  • On why you literally can’t buy a community
  • On cultivating growth in a sustainable way
  • How online relationships can create real connection
  • Feeling disconnected from a system...

Nov 18, 2021

Eliza Rose Kane and Elliott Brinkley share about connecting deeper to our bodies so we can reconnect to the magic and medicine of the Earth. You’ll also hear about:

  • The stress of living within a system that honors profit over life
  • Connecting with the Spirit of Merlin
  • Eco Grief, why it’s natural to feel grief for...