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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jan 11, 2019

Stephanie Benedetto Padovani is a transformational business coach who works with entrepreneurs, teachers, and experts to light the world on fire with the power of resonant business. In this conversation Stephanie and Natalie Ross, Dream Freedom Beauty producer and hostess, dive into how they're letting spirit lead the way in their businesses and lives.

In this conversation, Stephanie and Natalie explore:

  • What you can learn from brush turkeys of Australia
  • Tapping into your unconscious mind
  • Recognizing signs and symbols from the universe
  • Moving beyond self-doubt to embrace the signs and symbols
  • Using the mind to ask questions to the unconscious, bringing answers to the surface
  • Responding to the sacred call that is deep within you
  • Gaining the necessary tools to be in service
  • The old paradigm of letting strategy lead the way vs. the new paradigm of letting spirit lead the way
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming approach to goal setting
  • Getting connected and clear in your personal energy
  • The power and possibility of invocations
  • Clearing your energy field in order to step into your calling
  • Cultivating playfulness to discover your personal process
  • How to shift the paradigm when an old process no longer works for you

Secret Episode Alert! Stephanie and Natalie have recorded not one, but two secret episodes on letting spirit lead the way in business.

Learn how business is a sacred vehicle for transformation and how Natalie and Stephanie plan to help you move your business from idea to reality. Find all of this and more at

Flow Business Course

Natalie and Stephanie are launching their first online course together called “Flow.”

Flow is a 60-day e-course for aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs that fuses the energetic construct of business with a grounded spiritual practice. In this course, you may discover the difference between running a business “by the book” and letting spirit lead the way.

The goal of this course is to embrace your soul calling to find your ideal clients and make your first sale within 60 days.

Natalie and Stephanie will offer helpful tools and guidance to support you along the way.

After the completion of this course, Natalie offers the opportunity for you to introduce your budding business to the Dream Freedom Beauty community. This could be the boost you need to sustain your efforts and build the spiritual empire of your dreams!


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