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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jul 2, 2020

Natalie Ross shares about cultivating a daily practice, and attuning to the languages of your body and intuition. You’ll also hear about:

  • Trash Divination 
  • Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person
  • TV as medicine, shadow work, and an opportunity to sharpen your inner awareness
  • Building a daily practice of asking and receiving help, from your guides and helpers

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  • Embody & express your creative power & truths
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Natalie Ross is the founder of Earth Speak, and the Earth Speak Collective - where she helps her community connect to their intuition, and cultivate a daily practice of grounding, clearing, and noticing.  

This week we’re sharing a conversation that Natalie had with Becca Piastrelli, on the Belonging Podcast. Becca’s podcast explores themes of sisterhood, ancestral wisdom, living with the seasons and coming home to yourself. If you haven’t already, we recommend you check it out!

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Andy Bernard from the Office, kept showing up in Natalie’s meditation
  • Andy’s message that - It’s ok to be your dorky self
  • TV and pop culture as medicine, shadow work, and an opportunity to sharpen your inner awareness
  • The TV as the modern fireplace 
  • Trash Divination 
  • Transforming your anger into action, and forming deeper relationships
  • Cultivating a relationship with the land and the spirit of the land 
  • Identifying as a Highly Sensitive Person 
  • Being guided to create the Earth Speak Collective and hold space for others to cultivate awareness around intuition and the body 
  • Natalie shares her daily practices - of grounding, clearing, invocation and asking questions 
  • Becca’s practice of finding stillness and being in her body 
  • Becca and Natalie share the unique ways they experience their intuition 
  • Cultivating an awareness of your intuition, to discern other energies from your own
  • Communicating through energetic patterns and speaking through your intuition
  • Tools for the Highly Sensitive Person
  • Learning the subtle language of your body 
  • Understanding yourself deeper with the Human Design 
  • Building a daily practice of asking and receiving help, from your guides and helpers
  • Attuning to the messages you’re already receiving 
  • Grounding, clearing and connecting to the Earth, from within the city 
  • Manifesting the dream life 
  • Plus Natalie takes us through her practise of - attune, anchor, and amplify 

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Theme music is “It’s Easier” by Scarlet Crow and “Meeting Again” by Emily Sprague

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