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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Dec 11, 2021

Katie Chirgotis shares about her journey and commitment to becoming a florist after a career in advertising and a side hustle selling terrariums. You’ll also hear about:

  • Wedding bouquets as a talisman
  • The womb space as a literal vessel for creativity
  • On being a sensitive child and communicating with the Faye
  • Unicorns and dark matter 

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Katie Chirgotis, founder of Eothen and creatrix of Eothen Circle, is a practicing florist and student of Nature-based in Santa Cruz, California. Raised in the marshes of Virginia, her love for the land in relation to body, observation of the tides in relation to breath, appreciation of the seasons in relation to spirit - continues to inform the woman and artist she is becoming today. As our collective society tilts into a time and experience unlike any other, it is her deep belief that we must look to Earth-based practices and ancestral teachings to call back our humanity, and return to center. It is Katie’s daily effort to make work, and act, from a place of trust, co-creation, and heart-centered intention. Trying, failing, learning, and loving - all along the way.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Katie leads us through her morning practice, to come back into the body
  • On being a healer for your community
  • On feeling connected to Greek mythology and identifying with Diana Artemis
  • Being a sensitive child and communicating with the Faye
  • Looking to nature for comfort and safety
  • On being a child of the ’90s
  • Katie’s distress at the age of 10, for fear of leaving the portal of childhood
  • On feeling closer than ever to the realm of the ethereal
  • On wanting to be a unicorn
  • Connecting with the unicorn as a totem for complete and perfect trust
  • Mythical creatures as guides
  • Dark matter
  • On having accountability for our effect on the universe
  • Being an ally of regeneration for the Earth
  • Connecting with the spirit of bearded iris
  • How Katie communicates with plants
  • The generosity of plants and how they shift the energy within the home
  • How to create a flower essence
  • Wedding bouquets as a talisman
  • Working with the seasons
  • Psychic smell and flower scents as chemtrails
  • Carrying flowers through the portal of marriage and death
  • Gorilla bouquets
  • On having a career in advertising and a side hustle selling terrariums
  • Katie’s journey and commitment to becoming a florist
  • On doing what lights you up
  • Creating spaciousness for creativity
  • The womb space as a literal vessel for creativity
  • On choosing not to have children, but being a parent to many things
  • On feeling guilty for not being productive
  • On existing within, and contributing to a capitalist society
  • On stepping into the highest embodiment of yourself
  • Recognizing that you are standing on the shoulders of the many that came before you
  • The privilege of the obstacles that weren’t in front of you
  • Tuning into the music of the seasons
  • And so much more!

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