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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Apr 23, 2022

Natalie Ross & Shawna Cason share about our hard-wired need for connection and why they created the Earth Speak Collective. You’ll also hear about:

  • Simple practices to reclaim and reconnect with your spiritual self 
  • Remembering your inherent creative power 
  • How the modern world has severed us from community and cultivated disconnection  
  • The witch wound 

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  • Stop feeling lonely on your spiritual path
  • Embody & express your creative power & truths
  • Experience safe space without agenda or judgment

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This week we are sharing an interview from the Wandering Yogi Podcast, with Lydia Willig and Earth Speak founders Natalie Ross and Shawna Cason. 

Natalie is a dreamer and story weaver. She seeks to remind folx of the fierce beauty and power in the re-remembering of our deep and wild connection to the Earth, to ourselves, and to the magic and mystery of the Spirit realm. 

Shawna finds inspiration from all aspects of life but most notably nature and human connection. She brings experience and awareness from being a white assuming mixed-race black woman living in America. As a student of Psychological Ethnic Anthropology, she enjoys liberating folks from aspects of what makes them feel othered by society. 

Wandering Yogi Podcast host, Lydia Willig, is a  trained yoga & Ayurveda teacher, and mindful outdoor guide. She is intent on sharing eco-conscious wellness practices with the world, both on and off the mat, for greater health and harmony. Such an embodied yoga practice fulfills every level of your being- body, mind, and spirit- and prioritizes the well-being of all beings! Through her podcast, Lydia shares how the yogic path of wellness can bring us into deeper harmony with our most natural selves.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Shawna dreamed about being a pastor 
  • An early memory and deep knowing of being a witch 
  • What the soil can teach us 
  • Healing from the machine 
  • The force of aliveness that runs through us and connects us all
  • On wanting to feel part of something greater than ourselves 
  • Connecting to our own Indigenous roots 
  • Visions for what is possible 
  • On showing up for one's self 
  • How journaling can help us to know ourselves more deeply
  • On being seen
  • Cultivating energetic agency 
  • Simple practices to reclaim and reconnect with your spiritual self 
  • Remembering curiosity and play 
  • On doing what lights you up 
  • Our hard-wired need for connection
  • How the modern world has severed us from community and cultivated disconnection  
  • The witch wound 
  • Creating an intentional, Earth-based, spiritual community 
  • What is the Earth Speak Collective 
  • Remembering your inherent creative power 
  • Co-creating community with the Earth Speak Spirit Council 
  • On the gatekeeping of spiritual practices 
  • Radical non-judgment 
  • And so much more 

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