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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jul 23, 2020

Liliana Perez shares how she developed the skills of noticing and tracking energetic patterns of her spirit guide team, which enabled her to recognise each energy interacting with her. You’ll also hear about:

  • Maintaining simple daily spiritual practices
  • The tarot as a way for Spirit to speak to us and through us 
  • Common misconceptions of the tarot and other divination tools
  • The difference between co-creating and manifesting 

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Liliana Perez is a Human Medium, Psychic Tarot Reader, Ritual Hairdresser, Reiki and Akashic Records Practitioner - whose practice embodies Curanderismo // Mexican folk medicine, energetic plant medicine and magic. Her work guides folx who are seeking to reconnect and reclaim their magic and power to be able to live their best lives. Through her spirit led business Hija Que Cura, Liliana offers remote 1:1 sessions from her unique blend of healing modalities. You can connect with Liliana on her Patreon, where she offers monthly energy readings, guidance for the month ahead, personalised tarot readings, access to past workshops, and so much more. Be sure to also follow Liliana on Instagram, where she shares tarot spreads, weekly collective spirit messages, Earth wisdom, and medicine. 

In this conversation we dive into how to live a life guided by intuition and deep connection with our spirit guides, well ancestors, and the plant spirits.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Childhood imagination as intuition
  • Liliana’s reawakening to the healing journey after adolescence
  • How a series of intuitive messages and dreams, shifted Liliana onto the right path
  • The medicine of grief and grief as a tool for growth 
  • Working with the Earth and the elements
  • Liliana’s daily magical practice of being in her body, and communicating with her spirit team
  • Gardening as a spiritual practice 
  • How Liliana’s first tarot deck found her at the age of 14
  • The tarot as a mirror of energy and a friend that listens without judgement
  • Using the tarot to track energy
  • Misconceptions of the tarot and other divination tools
  • How a friend’s accident turned Liliana away from tarot for several years 
  • Trusting the creative process, and creating for yourself
  • How Liliana received messages from her spirit guides to create an oracle deck
  • Creating a glossary of sensations and noticings, of the energies interacting with you and through you
  • The tarot deck as a tool to connect deeper with your spirit team
  • Working with an ancestor altar and making daily offerings
  • How spellwork helped Liliana find her home 
  • Why energetic connections aren’t linear 
  • Shifting away from the need to control, thus coming into your agency 
  • Making decisions and taking action from an aligned place
  • How the tarot helped Liliana to trust herself
  • Why connecting with plants is connecting with ancestors 
  • The power of co-creating with spirit 
  • The difference between co-creating and manifesting

Bonus Secret Episode! Get the secret episode with Liliana Perez on making offerings of hair to the Earth and connecting with our ancestors through haircare,



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