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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jan 26, 2023

Natalie Ross, Earth Speak co-founder, shares about the traditions around the Celtic holiday called Imbolc that signifies the beginning of spring. From Natalie:

"My ancestral lineages are Celtic and Nordic. What I’m sharing is part of my investigations into my own ancestral roots to discover who are the people in my lineages who were Indigenous to a land, and what were their beliefs and customs. If you enjoy this, please let us know!"

You’re going to hear about:

  • What Imbolc is and why it was one of the 4 most important celebrations of the year
  • How the Wheel of the Year isn’t actually Celtic
  • Brigid, the multi-faceted goddess associated with Imbolc

I’ll also share several ways you can celebrate Imbolc in your own practices and rituals.

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We would LOVE to see how you choose to celebrate Imbolc. Please tag us @earthspeak in your Imbolc posts on Instagram, so we can celebrate with you.

Thank you to Scarlet Crow and Emily Sprague for our theme music.

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