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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Aug 6, 2020

Maggie Shepherd shares how the words we speak are spells, and of the rich tapestry of cycles offered by the moon. You’ll also hear about:

  • Our chakras as a rainbow bridge between the Earth and Heavens
  • Maggie’s journey as a heroin addict and how she came clean on the winter solstice of 2012
  • Maintaining one’s sovereignty while engaging with astrology

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Maggie Shepherd is a lunar astrologer, tarot reader, space holder, mother, medicine maker and store manager for Lush Cosmetics. Born under a new moon, she is a sun in Pisces, moon in Aries, Sagittarius Rising, and member of the Earth Speak Collective. In our interview, Maggie shares how the Collective has supported her to ground into and connect with the Earth, after feeling like a Starseed and not of this planet. 

Through her co-created and intuitively led business, Source Mother, Maggie offers tarot readings, moon chart readings, handcrafted vibrational medicines, ritual workshops, and sacred ceremonies. For the new moon of August, Maggie will also be hosting a Moon Magic workshop in collaboration with Earth Speak. In this workshop, we will create a personalised moon magic ritual, be guided on a vision guest to connect with cosmic energies, dive into the players of the cosmos and how they interrelate with the Earth, and with our mind, body and spirit. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Living beneath the same stars, sun and moon as our ancestors 
  • Maggie’s Welsh ancestors as poets 
  • Feeling like a Starseed and being disconnected from the heritage of Earth
  • How the Earth Speak Collective has supported Maggie in feeling grounded and connected to the Earth
  • Having a conscious connection and relationship to the moon
  • Maggie shares her journey as a heroin addict and how she learned everything the hard way
  • How in 2012 on the winter solstice / the darkest day of the year, Maggie came clean 
  • Why the words we speak are spells 
  • Exploring tarot, energy work and astrology as a way to offer support to those around you
  • Using astrology as a reflective tool to look back on your journey and explore patterns 
  • The moon as a gateway drug to spirituality 
  • Feeling validated by your natal chart 
  • How an experience with a narcissistic astrologist pushed Maggie away from traditional astrology 
  • Then how this experience inspired Maggie to support folx in using astrology in their everyday lives
  • Breaking the rules of traditional astrology and teaching the signs of the zodiac as archetypes
  • The natal chart reading of the US
  • Polarity in astrology 
  • Being mirrors for everything and nothing 
  • Maggie shares that -  “If we took away our bodies, I think we would just be rainbow light."
  • How Maggie’s first ritual ceremony was her wedding, held within a cave on a super blood moon
  • Using the medicine of the moon to serve folx in a new way 
  • How Maggie manifested everything she wanted in her first year of business, but it wasn’t sustainable
  • Asking the question - what does the Universe want to manifest through me?
  • Co-creating with the Universe
  • Being a vessel between the cosmos and the Earth 
  • And Maggie shares a sneak peek of her upcoming Moon Magic workshop, where she will guide us through creating our own monthly ritual, and so much more moony magic goodness!

Bonus Secret Episode! Get the secret episode with Maggie Shepherd on ritual without agenda, co-creation as magic and how privilege and the patriarchy play into manifesting,



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