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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Dec 13, 2018

Kontomble voice diviner and ritual facilitator, Liv Mokai Wheeler joins us again to share teachings, insights, and stories from her spirit-guided journey to Mongolia. We also read an excerpt from Liv’s recently published book, With the Love of the Ancients: My Spiritual Journey of Remembering, and invite the Kontomble to share some wisdom from the other worlds about the changing climate and consciousness of this planet. In this episode we get into:

  • Abiding by the voice of the spirit, learning to trust in the greater vision and knowledge
  • Traveling to connect with different spirits of the Earth
  • How Liv’s book has changed her since it was released
  • Liv’s spiritual journey to Mongolia
  • Connecting with the Dukha community, “the reindeer people”
  • Riding horses into the night, harnessing primal energy while steadily trotting through the dark unknown
  • Discovering the feminine expression of courage
  • How the wilds of Mongolia present experiences in nature that are both exhilarating and frightening
  • How there are different species of extraterrestrial beings, not all are benevolent
  • How different people can receive the same call from spirit, but for different reasons
  • Spiritual cross-pollination. How the Kontomble and reindeer shaman exchanged dialogue and methods of support
  • The divine connection between animals and people
  • An explanation about what the Kontomble are and how Liv is able to hold the door between dimensions in order to communicate
  • A breathtaking excerpt from Liv’s book
  • Kontomble voice divination with wisdom regarding climate change and the human relationship with the Earth