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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Apr 16, 2020

Spencre McGowan @gingertoothandtwine on how a trip to her ancestral lands of Sweden awakened her true love for baking and incorporating flowers and herbs into her bakes. You’ll also hear about:

  • Deciphering intuition vs. anxious thoughts
  • The surprising bright side of FOMO
  • Getting to know houseplants as you would a friend or lover

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We are stoked to welcome herbalist, cook, writer, and founder of Gingertooth & Twine, Spencre McGowan! 

Spencre works closely with medicinal plants and food to create nourishing meals that bridge the gap between healing foods and traditional western herbalism. If you’re a kitchen witch or foodie, you’ll love her most recent book, Blotto Botany: a Lesson in Healing Cordials and Plant Magic.

In this episode Spencre shares about how to live with crippling anxiety and still be a boss babe. We’ll also discuss how plants can communicate with us as a form of support. 

We also talk about:

  • How to hear your intuition speaking to you
  • Learning how to say no!
  • Picking up on energy in sacred spaces
  • Listening to your body, knowing when to leave
  • Running away from your fears and avoiding confrontation
  • The age of learning how to trust yourself
  • Spencre’s experience attending a Waldorf School as a child
  • How to know when plants give you permission to harvest
  • Noticing how plants communicate with you
  • How herbal medicines react differently in every body 
  • Spencre’s unexpected experience with Vitex for endometriosis
  • How WWOOFing in Sweden brought Spencre to her passion for baking
  • Naked spring water cleansing 
  • A special ring rinsing ritual to unite two people and the land they tend

Bonus Secret Episode! Spencre speaks about converting her passions into a paycheck as a conscious entrepreneur in this week’s secret episode



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