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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Feb 19, 2021

Kate Weiner and Kailea Frederick share about creativity, art, and beauty as integral to activism work. You’ll also hear about:

  • Co-creating a world that values and priorities the health and wellbeing of future generations
  • Embodied, reciprocity and holding space for nuance 
  • A reimagining of the matriarchy
  • Kailea and Kate share a special announcement and new project by Loam


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Kailea Frederick (Loam Editor) is a mother and First Nations woman dedicated to supporting individuals of all cultures in remembering their ties to the earth. A graduate of the International Youth Initiative Program, she has in-depth training in interpersonal communication, community building across cultural and linguistic boundaries and large group facilitation. She is a Spiritual Ecology Fellow, and has served as a youth delegate twice to the United Nations Climate Change conferences (COP). Currently, Kailea offers facilitation and project consultation through her project Earth Is `Ohana and is a Climate Commissioner for the city of Petaluma. 

Kate Weiner (Loam Creative Director) is an environmental educator, writer, and gardener. Kate is a 2015 Brower Youth Award winner, a 2017 recipient of the John Goddard Prize for Environmental Conservancy, and a 2018 Spiritual Ecology Fellow. Kate was an Artist-in-Resident at Woodland Keep in the San Juan Islands as well as a beneficiary of the Boulder Arts Commission Professional Development Grant. She facilitates workshops across the country on low-waste living, permaculture in practice, and resilience, and has a Certificate in Permaculture Design from the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Kailea shares a spell by Brontë Velez on repatriation
  • How flowers, activism, and literature, weave within Kate and Kailea’s story
  • Kate shares the co-creation story of Loam
  • That beauty is perceived as supplementary and not integral
  • Flowers as an entry point into compassion and activism
  • On why it’s easy to become cynical and overwhelmed in the current climate
  • How Loam holds space for the unraveling of the human experience
  • We speak on how to navigating crisis with beauty and art
  • Creating spaciousness for future visioning
  • How beauty helps us evoke the world we want to live in
  • Why imagination is necessary for moving forward with hope and compassion
  • How honoring beauty is honoring the sovereignty of other beings
  • How beauty invokes gratitude
  • Tuning in to the sensual and spiritual nature of the matriarchy
  • A reimagining of the matriarchy
  • How does it feel to be embodied
  • How embodiment work invites in greater empathy and spaciousness
  • How our bodies are the Earth
  • The matriarchy as power within, not power over
  • Creating a path to healing with plants
  • Kailea and Kate share stories of how the plants speak to them
  • On how the plants feel like home
  • Kailea and Kate share a special announcement about a new project with Loam
  • On Compassion in Crisis
  • How we are born of crisis, yet have the capacity and the resilience to make it through challenging times
  • Kate and Kailea share about the Loam Listen podcast and on current Loam publications and projects
  • Plus so much more!


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