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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Apr 29, 2021

Phoenix Rose shares on deconditioning and finding liberation, through discovering and aligning with our Human Design type. You’ll also hear about:

  • Human Design, what it is, and why it’s so liberating
  • Turning your spiritual gifts into a thriving business
  • Phoenix’s raw and unconventional upbringing on Orcas island
  • Permission to rest and to cultivate a life of spaciousness 


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Phoenix is a business coach, brand strategist, and intuitive guide. Her holistic approach weaves a depth of experience in business and brand strategy, along with Human Design, Reiki energy healing, and spiritual practices. She's honored to support women all around the world in embracing their authenticity, rising into their power, and truly thriving. 

Phoenix offers in-depth Human Design and Conscious Business courses on her website, which she has carefully and lovingly co-created for your unique Energy Type. These courses are the perfect next step for diving deeper into the realms of Human Design. Phoenix is also the host and guide to the Rise Collective podcast, where she is supporting folks to create thriving, sustainable businesses to light up the soul. Each episode is filled with practical and spiritual tools for creating and maintaining a successful business. This podcast is soul medicine for your unique path.

We are excited and delighted to share that Phoenix will be teaching a workshop with us in May 2021, on Radical Authenticity: Decoding Your Human Design Chart. Join us in this workshop and align with your innate energy and begin to understand your patterns, through the system of Human Design. Instead of pushing through the resistance, hitting blocks along the way, you can open up to greater acceptance, magnetism, and flow.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Phoenix’s raw and unconventional upbringing on Orcas island
  • Discovering what it means to be connected to your ancestors
  • Why Phoenix rejected spirituality for so long 
  • On coming home to what's most easeful and natural to you
  • How to stop doing all the things you think you should be doing
  • What are the 5 Unique Energy Types
  • Natalie shares how discovering her Human Design type, changed her life forever
  • On running a business through the lens of Human Design
  • On being seen for your wisdom and your gifts
  • On feeling deeply as a Projector
  • Why Generators and Manifesting Generators also need rest and spaciousness
  • How your Human Design can help you find purpose
  • What are the energy vs non-energy types
  • The difference between being a Manifestor and manifesting
  • On serving the Collective and having focus, as a Generator
  • The difference between a Manifesting Generator and a Generator
  • Phoenix shares a sneak peek into what to expect in our upcoming workshop
  • And more!


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