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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jul 18, 2018

In this week’s episode we get into:

  • The creative process of how The Illustrated Herbiary was written and published
  • Throwing out the idea of having it all figured out before you even start
  • Western herbalism and FDA regulation
  • The barriers of social media in relation to building community with elders
  • The wheel of the year, moving from a feminine paradigm to a masculine paradigm
  • How society values youth and fears aging, how this sentiment leads to diminished wisdom passed onto future generations
  • How to recognize the beauty of aging and manifest a change in attitude towards it
  • How to connect with elders
  • Advice for the new wave of herbalists: “drop the old soul bullshit.” Instead, own who you are, where you are
  • The difference between starting a career in herbalism and starting a practice in herbalism
  • Compensating your teacher to show respect and reciprocity
  • Maia’s trip to Ireland as her initiation into herbalism
  • Intuitive herbal crafting
  • How to calibrate the body to understand the difference between intuition and mixed signals triggered by the brain