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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Oct 29, 2020

Natalie Ross shares from a mountaintop hike on magic, intuition, the language of the Earth, and accessing the Otherworld in the everyday. You’ll also hear about:

  • Co-creating a dream with Spirit and the Earth 
  • On paying attention to the symbols and synchronicities
  • Tapping into our own magic and re-connecting to the unseen realms 
  • On seeking our own creative purpose and truth

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Natalie Ross is a dreamer, story weaver, hostess of the Earth Speak Podcast, and co-founder of Earth Speak. She seeks to remind folx of the fierce beauty and power in the re-remembering of our deep and wild connection to the Earth, to ourselves, and to the magic and mystery of the spirit realm.

In this episode, Natalie shares a stream of consciousness from a solo hike on a mountaintop. We hope you receive messages, synchronicities, and inspiration from this special episode.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Re-connecting with our own agency as a creative force
  • Going into the wild without an agenda 
  • The Earth as our greatest teacher
  • Our intuition as the 6th sense
  • Reciprocity and making offerings to the land 
  • Co-creating our lives with intention
  • The wisdom of pre-Christian folklore and pre-patriarchal societies 
  • On paying attention to the symbols and synchronicities
  • Seeing through the mundane to the magical
  • On seeking  our own creative purpose and truth
  • Attuning to the language of nature
  • A desire to return to the wild places and call them home 
  • Everyday magic
  • Embodying our dream
  • How Natalie was granted access to the Otherworld
  • A memory of accessing the Otherworld as a child 
  • Why you don’t need to see fairies to be in the Otherworld
  • Translating the Otherworld through art 
  • Being weighed down by the mundane of the manmade world
  • Carrying forward connection and invitation into the everyday
  • And more!

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Theme music is “It’s Easier” by Scarlet Crow and “Meeting Again” by Emily Sprague

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