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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Mar 5, 2021

Naomi Love shares about how to protect your energy when your heart is always open. You’ll also hear about:

  • Cacao for heart-opening and heart activation
  • Developing right relationship with plants
  • Naomi’s shares her background as a space holder and facilitator
  • On having resistance to marketing your magical business 

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Naomi Love is internationally known as the Creatress of Wise Womb Medicine Path, a sacred global community, and Resonance & The Womb Mystery School. With over thirty years of experience working with tens of thousands of clients, Naomi has developed a somatic-oriented holistic system of healing that is called Wise Womb Medicine. Offering training for both novice and master, she shares these sacred living teachings with you, for you to apply into your own life and into your healing work.

Naomi is a Ceremonialist and Master Healer, channel for the Wise Womb Oracle & the Wisdom Council. Naomi is also the visionary behind the Wise Womb Way which is a movement that is aligned with cultural appreciation, and the decolonization of the patriarchal ways and teaches an embodied way through the illusion of separation. If you would like to explore the full breadth that is Wise Womb Medicine Path head over to her IG @wisewomboracle and visit her website at

We are excited and delighted to share that Naomi Love is hosting a Heart Tending Cacao Ceremony with us. Join us in a three-hour heart-tending cacao ceremony, led by experienced ceremonialist Naomi Love, who shares a decade-long deep, reverent relationship with cacao as both a spirit and plant medicine.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Naomi leads us through a heart-opening and grounding meditation
  • Medicine to thaw the ice of the heart 
  • What we can learn from the language of our ancestors
  • Naomi shares how she heard the call of cacao
  • On being a plant person and a herbal nerd
  • Attuning to the messages of plants
  • On listening without agenda
  • How the nuances of medicine and ceremony get lost within trends
  • Why cacao is so activating
  • Dancing your prayers
  • Naomi shares her inner resistance to sharing cacao and cacao ceremonies
  • On having resistance to marketing your magical business
  • Naomi shares about her upcoming Cacao Ceremony with Earth Speak
  • Why it’s important to create and cultivate a container for connection
  • The challenges of being a highly sensitive and heart-centered person
  • How a shielded heart affects our ability to give and receive love
  • On creating energetic boundaries
  • Cultivating a regular energetic hygiene practice
  • On bringing warmth to the heart with cacao and dance
  • How ceremonies are guided by the group who gathers within them
  • The power of intention in ceremony
  • Naomi channels and shares a special message from cacao
  • Being in right relationship with plants and plant medicine
  • And so much more!


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