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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Nov 25, 2021

Sarah M Chappell shares about being in business without sacrificing yourself on the altar of extraction. You’ll also hear about:

  • What is a holistic business and how to create one 
  • Key features to include in your business if you’re impacted by chronic pain, illness, or other challenges
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions made by spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Natalie shares some of her personal beliefs, blocks, and challenges around money

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Sarah M Chappell is a business strategist and founder of the Holistic Business Academy, where she helps healers, makers, and mystics to make good money doing good work. When not supporting founders inside of HBA, Sarah writes about the philosophy of business and does witchy shit.

We are excited to share that Sarah will be presenting a webinar to the Earth Speak Collective on December 7th, on how to attract your dream clients. Learn more and join the Collective at


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Making money without burn-out
  • On being a small business owner and a meaning maker
  • The illusion of choice and agency within the current capitalist system
  • The labor movement revival and the Great Resignation
  • How the survival of our business, relates to our ability to extract from ourselves
  • Why everyone deserves to make good money
  • Extractive work vs expansive labor 
  • On expansion through replenishment
  • Restructuring your business around your needs
  • What is a holistic business and how to create one
  • How the system depends on our lack of awareness and having no free time
  • The relationship between our capacity for awareness and our privilege
  • What you wish you had time for
  • On being a martyr
  • Why you can’t support others through your business if you can’t take care of yourself
  • Natalie shares some of her personal beliefs, blocks, and challenges around money
  • Impact over income
  • On creating micro money goals
  • Building the capacity to receive
  • Why small business ownership is a powerful option for people you don’t and can’t fit into traditional work models
  • On radically re-imagining how we spend our time
  • Breaking out of the 8-hour workday
  • On what it means to be productive, valued, and worthy
  • Natalie and Sarah share their story and what they have learned about small business
  • On what could be possible if we were well resourced
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions made by spiritual entrepreneurs
  • Sarah shares about special and upcoming offerings for the
  • Earth Speak Collective
  • And so much more!

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