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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Apr 2, 2020

Hear from Village Witch Sarah Wu about things like how she communicates with plants through her inner voice. You’ll also hear about:
  • A ritual tea recipe brewed to symbolize The Tower in Tarot and another one to honor the Star card
  • Being children of promise, ancestors of the future
  • Acupuncture for the Earth
  • The intersection of permaculture and ritual magic

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We welcome back clinical herbalist, permaculturist and Village Witch Sarah Wu to the podcast. Sarah lives in an eco-village under the forest understory of Costa Rica. She shares about the symbolic meaning behind plants and how they can be used medicinally and spiritually.

Sarah Wu is a clinical herbalist of nearly 20 years and a practicing permaculturist of a decade. Facilitating and mentoring people in a holistic lifestyle, Sarah focuses her teachings on Deep Ecology and the philosophy of Biophilia, rooted in the Wise Woman Traditions of modern witchcraft and earth-based spirituality. Sarah is the co-founder and producer of Envision Festival, where she curates the educational experiences as well as the Village Witches, honoring alternative and traditional eclectic healing modalities. 

In this episode we get into:

  • A self-blessing invocation
  • Keeping fire at the Forest Dance Ritual Gathering
  • A ritual tea recipe brewed to symbolize The Tower in Tarot
    • Moringa as a famine food
    • Bamboo silica as a conductor of energy
    • Lemongrass as a symbol for the community
    • Turmeric as an anti-inflammatory
    • Coop Reka root for purifying the lineage
    • Hibiscus to symbolize the bloodline and hummingbird energy
    • Cinnamon, known as the tree of life
  • Grass lawns as a mono-crop out of balance
  • Guilt and shame coming through family lineages
  • Being children of promise, ancestors of the future
  • A ritual tea brewed to honor The Star in Tarot
    • Starfruit, following true north
    • Wilema for hope and happiness
    • Blue Vervain as the sweetness and nectar of life
  • Acupuncture for the Earth
  • Channeling recipes with what the Earth provides in the moment
  • How Sarah communicates with plants through her inner voice
  • Using “the force” as an analogy for kids and Star Wars fans
  • The intersection of permaculture and ritual
  • Pursuing permaculture in a time of social distancing
  • Getting to know your bioregion starting with the plants in your backyard
  • Spring Sprouting as a meditation for our human potential
  • Recognizing the privilege of being food secure

Bonus Secret Episode! Sarah pulls a tarot reading for guidance on creating a new reality as the old patriarchy crumbles in this week’s secret episode!



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