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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Mar 1, 2019

In this Best of DFB, we revisit Nikki Silvestri. Nikki is a new Mama and speaker with equal parts vulnerability and razor-sharp analysis. She is the Founder of Soil and Shadow and working to create system change while improving relationships between communities. In this conversation we get into:

  • Why our good ideas don’t flourish because we don’t know how to work well together
  • How your change-making work can reflect abundance and not scarcity
  • How the process of shadow work makes you face your own worst nightmares
  • How once your life has changed you realize there isn’t that much to be afraid of
  • What it takes to ask yourself new questions
  • How the seed of shadow work is allowing opposites to exist simultaneously that seem irreconcilable
  • Why we are obsessed with reconciliation as a society
  • Why suffering is a part of life and how you have to accept it as such
  • Why connection is the seed of everything, and how it creates possibilities that didn’t exist before
  • How boundaries enable you to do your own work
  • How to welcome the shadow parts of yourself back home
  • How shadow work makes you a better leader by allowing you to see all of yourself
  • Why we need to speak to people in a language they understand when approaching shadow work
  • How anything you are attracted to or repulsed by is your shadow at play
  • How you can find yourself in the projection of your shadow
  • Why learning to properly integrate shadow work is so important
  • Discernment is how to stay on the good side of shadow work
  • Why it’s necessary to uncover limiting beliefs
  • How being a mother shows you where you are managing your experiencing vs just experiencing
  • Why you are not the extreme versions of yourself
  • How practicing whole traditions leads to wholeness