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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

May 30, 2018

Asali is a earthworker, healer, and card slinger. Asali offers a queer femme of colour resource and blog, tarot sessions, and writing. In this conversation, we dive into:

  • Learning to trust your inner voice and listen deeper
  • Why what you have around and within you is enough
  • How grieving changes your DNA, and how you think and feel
  • How grieving a parent’s death brings support for each in their own realms
  • How beautiful to know that your loved ones who have passed on are supported and held by your ancestors
  • How healing is an ongoing process, and can be tended in a variety of ways
  • How there is magic in the ordinary
  • How plant spirit allies are so incredibly generous in their medicine
  • Learning to love your own love
  • How you can search out resources that support queer, trans, and people of color (eg. tarot decks)
  • How people exist in marginalized spaces and how we don’t show it
  • How the temperance card helps you to transmute challenges into healing
  • Why you have to work with what’s difficult