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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Oct 22, 2021

Kristen Houser shares about connecting to the spirit of unicorns for support in space holding and for navigating the inner dimensional realms. You’ll also hear about:

  • How Kristen was initiated into the path of animal communication
  • How the animals taught Kristen to be human
  • On learning to trust your intuition 

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Kristen Houser is currently living on the Salish Sea alongside Orca and amongst the trees. She is an animal communicator and communicates with animals telepathically, meaning that she can feel what they feel. This translates into conversations with our companion animals, the exploration of wild animal medicine, connecting with the land that cradles us, and cultivating symbiotic, interspecies relationships within the human realm. Kristen’s heart-based business and community is called Fauna Speak

We are thrilled to share that Kristen will be teaching a workshop with us in the Earth Speak Collective. In this workshop, Kristen will share the basics of telepathy and guide you on a journey to connect with the animals that are presently supporting you on your path. To learn more and join the Collective, visit


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Kristen shares her origin story and how she was initiated into the path of animal communication
  • Plus the story of how she found her mentor
  • Kristen’s deep and lifelong connection with orca
  • The subtle language of communication
  • How Kristen communicates with animals
  • Why we might not realize we are in constant communication with animals
  • On tuning into how plants and animals want to communicate with you
  • Horses as masters of communication
  • On opening up to telepathic communication, by learning to trust your intuition
  • The fear of doing it wrong
  • How animal communication is both deeply personal and universal
  • On communicating with companion animals, and the fear of what they might say
  • How are pets are also parenting us
  • What the animals have taught Kristen about death and transitioning
  • Animal mediumship
  • Communicating with the spirit of unicorns
  • How the modern world does not support the sensitive and intuitive aspects of ourselves
  • How the animals teach us to be human
  • On mending family relationships through loss
  • The celestial and terrestrial equilibrium of the whales
  • Kristen shares about an upcoming workshop with Earth Speak
  • And more!

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