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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

May 13, 2021

CW: This episode mentions assault / sexual assault.

Luis Mojica shares about releasing trauma from the body with sound and channeling music from the land. You’ll also hear about:

  • Co-regulating with your environment
  • The difference between being activated and being triggered
  • How empaths attune to stress and trauma
  • Plus! Listen to the end of the episode for a special treat, and hear a song from Luis new record

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Luis Mojica is a trained somatic therapist from Holistic Life Navigation. Luis was initiated into the wisdom of trauma through years of suffering. He learned that just as the body stores trauma, the body can release it. He believes that by using somatic techniques, whole foods, herbs, and connecting to the Earth, we are able to listen to our bodies and release stored trauma. 

Also a musician and vocalist, Luis explores the nuances of androgyny, spirituality, and unorthodox male identity through his intuitive compositions and unique musical style. His upcoming record, Songs From the Land, is a beautiful tapestry of guitar-driven songs that express, quite intimately, Luis' healing journey through shamanism, sex, pain, & ecstatic joy.

In celebration of the album and its intentions, Luis has put together a very special pre-order package that is limited to 100 people. The goal of this package is to fund the production of the album into vinyl, donate a quarter of the proceeds to a local Indigenous organization, and host a 2-hour virtual healing ritual via Zoom that begins the work to reconnecting to each of our unique indigenous roots and weaving that wisdom together in community. You can learn more about Luis’ music on his website


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Co-regulating with your environment
  • Building the capacity to walk in your truth
  • Luis leads us through a somatic relational meditation
  • What is trauma, how do we express and experience it
  • Luis demonstrates a somatic practice to move energy and release charge
  • The power of vibration to activate and move charge in the body
  • The difference between being activated and being triggered
  • How being intersex is a threat to social norms
  • Finding safety in the body
  • Listening as an act of decolonization
  • On channeling music from the land
  • Being in relationship with sound
  • Decolonizing your creative expression
  • On decolonizing the way we see our bodies
  • How empaths attune to stress and trauma
  • Attuning your empathy to joy
  • Our reciprocal relationship of nourishment with the Earth
  • Tuning into food as medicine
  • Expressions of colonization as scarcity and low capacity
  • How capacity transmutes threat
  • Shawna shares her story and how her understanding of her identity came from white supremacy
  • The medicine of opposition
  • On cultivating curiosity for your triggers
  • On being othered by your family and loved ones
  • Trauma stacking and uncoupling
  • Luis shares a sneak peek into what we will learn in his upcoming workshop with Earth Speak
  • Plus he shares about the release of his new album, on September 22nd
  • Pre-order the album to participate in the ritual and receive some bonus goodies, including a bindle of mugwort!
  • Listen to the end to hear a special sneak peek of a song from
  • Luis' new album. The song is called ‘Call In’. 

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