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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jan 26, 2019

Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, author, and poet. She considers herself a modern-day medicine woman and a voracious student of the mystery. Through the shamanic therapy lens, Shonagh conducts 3-day retreats in her home where she nurtures her guests as they embark on their life-changing soul journey.

In this week’s episode we explore:

  • How Shonagh manifested a Farmhouse in Vermont
  • Shonagh’s chapter contribution in The Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine
  • How to honor the voice of the feminine and the voice of the indigenous
  • How to reclaim wisdom traditions
  • Shonagh’s calling to work with mushrooms
  • How we are living in a Roman-style civilization that has reprogramed our culture to forget its roots
  • How reconfiguration of the mind is the key to unlocking untapped potential
  • Earth medicine as a method to rewild human consciousness
  • Food as medicine and healing the gut
  • How Shonagh midwifes clients through the death and rebirth of the soul
  • Plant extracts as a method to wean off synthetic medication
  • Shonagh’s Ayahuasca Initiation
  • Shonaugh’s connection to folkloric being, Pan
  • How to identify and explore portals
  • The pillars of Shonagh’s manifestation process
  • The difference between truth and reality
  • How word choice and speech symbolizes a declaration
  • Breaking the spell of doubt
  • Working with the sidhe (fairies) to manifest Shonaugh’s Fairy Tree Cottage
  • How the body is electric and attracts energy into our magnetic field
  • How nature is not instant coffee, manifestations require effort and work

Bonus! Learn about Pan as a connector to the Otherworld beings and how mushrooms can be used as a tool to rewire our conscious mind to connect more deeply with these beings. You won't want to miss the live storytellings from Shonaugh in this week’s secret episode!