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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Sep 1, 2022

Natalie shares how she grew her business, shifted her patterns, and found aliveness, ease, and capacity. You’ll also hear about:

  • Aligning with your work and understanding your purpose
  • Finding safety and co-regulating in community 
  • Natalie and Kat share about the Embodied Curiosity - Business Alchemist Mentorship

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This week we are sharing a replay from The Empowered Curiosity Podcast, with Spiritual Business Mentor Kat Lee and Earth Speak Founder Natalie Ross. In this episode, Natalie and Kat share 

Kat Lee is a Trauma-Informed Emotional and Somatic Alchemy Coach, host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast, and Creator of The Heart Lab. She guides her community to rewrite their relationship to safety, love, trust and belonging so they are able to cultivate conscious relationships and manifest their Dao (purpose). Kat believes that healing is a deep remembrance of who you are + recognizing that you are not broken. She believes that the Body, Mind, and Soul are interconnected and respond best to an integrated approach where all the parts of you are remembered. She believes in leaving room for magic. For slowing down to allow your intuition and Truth to rise to the surface. For finding validation through being rather than doing. For flowing through life being actively allowing rather than grasping. Kat’s role as coach and space-holder is to be your mirror and share tools and techniques that lead you back to the clarity of your own Heart and autonomy to make choices that are best for you, your body, and your Spirit

Natalie Ross is the host of the Earth Speak Podcast and co-founder of Earth Speak and the Earth Speak Collective. Natalie is also a trauma-informed marketing coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. She weaves mycelial webs that help people connect with self, community, nature, and spirit for personal and collective healing. Having experienced the debilitating impact of complex trauma (cPTSD), she knows how hard it can be for intuitive, caring people to exist, let alone run a business, in this society fueled by greed and domination. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • When Natalie realized she didn’t want to be a spiritual teacher 
  • How Natalie is now supporting change makers and heart-centered entrepreneurs to get clear on how to communicate their message and their values
  • Changing the paradigm from domination to kinship 
  • Nervous system integration and regulation in business 
  • Healing trauma and creating a business rooted in cycles
  • On questioning whether you are aligned with your path 
  • Co-regulation and biological empathy 
  • Embodying your boundaries through your business 
  • Finding safety and nervous system regulation in community 
  • Making friends with the protective parts of yourself 
  • How Natalie shifted her patterns and found aliveness, ease, and capacity 
  • Natalie’s love of bunnies and how working with rescue bunnies changed her life 
  • Embodying boundaries and protecting your energy in business 
  • How BAM has supported Natalie and changed her life 
  • Business as a spiritual practice
  • Building a business that is both rooted in your purpose and your nervous system regulation 
  • Kat shares about her 2022 Business Alchemist Mentorship

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