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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Feb 2, 2019

Nadine Artemis is an author and botanical maker living in Ontario, Canada. She is the founder of Living Libations and author of Renegade Beauty. As a leading entrepreneur of botanical body care, Nadine shares her journey to creating holistic beauty products and practices supported by science. She talks about everything from women’s studies to self-dentistry--literally everything under the sun!

In this episode, we get nerdy about:

  • How to safely enjoy botanicals as a form of self-care and beauty ritual
  • How the sun is beneficial for the skin and what sunscreen does to the body
  • Using pure plant extracts as holistic body care
  • Ways to wisely interact with the sun and how to cultivate a harmonizing relationship
  • Plant extract formulation as an offering to the earth and to the diety of your body
  • How Living Libations was intuitively formed as a business
  • How Nadine’s personal journey to creating Living Libations began
  • How to stay centered in the process of birthing a business
  • How to cultivate health in your body
  • How tears of joy and sadness are different on a molecular level
  • How to become aware of blocks that prevent us from receiving inner guidance
  • The link between orgasms, meditation and manifestation
  • Rebuilding after a fire that took everything from the business
  • Finding the goodness and abundance, even through struggle
  • Building a creative and pleasant workspace for the community

Bonus! Nadine talks about how to build a business structure that is flexible and effective for a modern-day work climate in this week’s secret episode!