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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

May 6, 2021

Lizzy Ross shares about being a steward of music, and how launching a Kickstarter campaign was one of the scariest things she has ever done. You’ll also hear about:

  • The voice as a medium for creative expression

  • Embracing the possibilities of failure

  • Rediscovering your worthiness as your innate self

  • On being a female bandleader in a male-dominated industry

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Lizzy Ross identifies as a creative - musician, visual artist, gardener, dancer, and storyteller, she believes that we are all abundantly creative beings, beyond specialization and genre. She writes and performs original music with her partner Omar Ruiz-Lopez in the band Violet Bell. Lizzy’s songwriting is led by nature and intuition. She offers her music to help her fellow earthlings feel, heal, and connect with the living beauty of the earth and each other. Lizzy also co-founded the Dream Freedom Beauty podcast, back in 2015, with her sister, and Earth Speak’s, Natalie Ross.

Violet Bell’s upcoming album explores personal and ancestral healing through the ancient Celtic myth of the selkie, a seal that can take off its skin and become human. In May 2021, Lizzy and her partner Omar launched their Kickstarter campaign and received overwhelming support from their community of listeners. to fund this record. You can support Lizzy + Violet Bell to reach their next goal, until May 13th, 11:59pm EDT


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How we are all abundantly creative beings
  • Singing as sacred and accessible to everyone
  • On being liberated from the burden of worthiness
  • On cultivating a space for free expression and deep feeling
  • How Lizzy no longer identifies with the pretty princess that can sing
  • On identifying with nature
  • Creative work as nonlinear
  • Lizzy shares with us the myth of the Selkie
  • How Lizzy channeled the music for the new and upcoming album
  • On the playfulness of creating, without the burden technical knowledge and training
  • Balancing action and surrender, in creative expression
  • How songs possess their own lifeforce
  • On identifying with the myth and legend of the Selkie 
  • On challenging the path that is subscribed for you
  • Embracing the liminality of being 
    Identifying with the raw, wild freedom of femininity
  • On noticing your body as being sexualized by other people
  • On being conditioned to see ourselves from the outside
  • The death and rebirth of parenthood
  • On the fear of sharing your creative self and expression
  • Cultivating a creative relationship with your partner
    Redefining success for the self
  • Being a steward of music
  • How culture has commodified the self
  • On cultivating a field of expanding permission
  • On being a female bandleader in a male-dominated industry
  • On being sober and identifying as an addict
  • How launching a Kickstarter campaign was one of the scariest things Lizzy has ever done
  • Embracing the possibilities of failure
  • And an update! Lizzy + Violet Bell have reached their goal, but you can still support them in funding their album until 11:59 pm May 13th, 2021.

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