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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Apr 3, 2021

Chanelle A. Bergeron shares about tuning into the subtle language of the land and offering essences for reciprocity. You’ll also hear about:

  • Why Chanelle left social media
  • A lifelong relationship with water, and training to be an Olympic swimmer 
  • Why imagination isn’t just play
  • On what is the practice essencing

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Chanelle is a flower essence devotee, an intuitive herbalist, monitrice, poet, and sound maker. Chanelle believes that intention, ritual, and using low-doses of plant and spirit medicine offer some of the greatest impacts to our healing. Her love and study of mysticism play a large role in her work, and she weaves her divinatory practices with tarot, pendulum, and astrology to deepen her offerings.

It is in the spirit of the seasons and the lunar months that Chanelle approaches her healing work: that all things wax & wane, that everything has a cycle, a pattern; that health & well-being are not stagnant but in fact change as we do, from month to month: moon by moon. When Chanelle is not in the apothecary, you will find her making improvised & atmospheric sound-collage music under the name of allesandre, playing in her gardens, submerged in the water, or writing poems.

We are delighted to share that Chanelle will be teaching a workshop with us in April 2021, on Vibrational Essence Crafting: Healing Self and Earth! In this ritual workshop, we will take a dip into the world of essence crafting and essencing: the act of offering our infusions to the land as an act of devotion and reciprocity. Join us and build an intimate connection to and conversation with the Spirit of the Land you live in


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Chanelle’s lineage of orphans
  • On not knowing where your ancestors are from
  • Why Chanelle left social media
  • On being a deeply romantic person
  • On filling your days with what lights you up
  • Why imagination isn’t just play
  • How we are all innately creative beings
  • The co-opting of our imaginative power
  • How Chanelle’s family encouraged her imagination and creative exploration
  • On being trained from a very young age, to be an Olympian swimmer
  • On feeling most at home within the element of water
  • How the element of water element inspires us to dream
  • The story of how Chanelle came to work with essences
  • How Chanelle and her tools survived a house fire
  • On being a devoted servant to the land
  • Why Chanelle offers her medicine to the Earth
  • Essences as affordable and accessible
  • On what is the practice of essencing
  • Being in relationship with the Spirit of Land
  • Power with not power over
  • Attuning to the subtle language of energy
  • On practicing receiving
  • Coming into relationship with the other aspects of ourselves
  • On trusting your intuition and your imagination
  • How a tree ally showed up for Chanelle
  • On being led and feed by curiosity
  • Chanelle’s upcoming workshop with Earth Speak
  • And so much more!

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