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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Dec 27, 2018

Casey Zabala is a tarot reader, artist and witch living in San Francisco, CA. She is the creatrix of Wanderer’s Tarot, a hand-drawn feminist tarot deck for modern witches. In 2018, Casey founded The Modern Witches Confluence, a gathering space for modern witches to share their wisdom and craft all while nurturing a community of support in the Bay area and beyond.

In this conversation, we dive into:

  • What it means to self-identify as a witch
  • Learning to trust your internal voice
  • Casey’s first introduction to tarot and how it changed her life
  • Tarot as an affirmation of what we already know, it’s just a matter of surpassing the gates of self-doubt
  • The practice of triangulation, synchronous intuitive evidence that appears 3 times
  • Casey’s process of inviting spirits like Artemis to invoke protection and support in her practice
  • Working with the mythological goddess trio called the fates
  • The vibration of the number 3
  • Why Casey decided to launch the Witches Confluence
  • Trans-inclusion and diversity as a staple of the conference’s statement of purpose
  • Learning to take space away from being in the public eye and social media
  • The importance of setting intentional energy before an event
  • How to support your local witches
  • The afterglow of the confluence, invoking the energy of hope

Bonus! Want to learn more about how Casey created the Wanderers Tarot deck and how she runs her magical business? Learn how Casey weaves ritual into her daily routine and business formalities in this week’s secret episode!

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