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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jul 9, 2020

Ang Roell shares about rethinking community and collaboration, through re-connection with the honey bee. You’ll also hear about:

  • Community centred agriculture 
  • Creating access to beekeeping for queer communitites 
  • A lineage of prophetic dreamers
  • Reconnecting with our ancestors through Earth based practices 

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Ang Roell is a beekeeper, educator, writer, evaluator, and facilitator, from They Keep Bees and Mainspring Change Consultants, living and working in the US. They Keep Bees connects humans and honeybees in a cooperative learning community. Exploring how people access beekeeping, how people participate in beekeeping, and who has access to creating relationships with honey bees. Their work highlights the need to rethink our relationship with the natural world, and specifically our extractive relationship with honey bees. Remembering them as teachers for collaborative, cooperative, and reciprocal relationships, and communities. Ang’s book Radicalize the Hive is available to download for free on their website.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Intuitive beekeeping
  • Creating new lineages of beekeepers
  • Reconnecting and remembering our ancestors through Earth based practices 
  • How Ang’s work of increasing equity and inclusion in business, is influenced by the ecological world
  • The human induced challenges currently facing the honey bee
  • The parallels between honey bee health and human health 
  • An ancient connection between humans and bees
  • The honey bee as a teacher, not a resource
  • Creating cooperative models for the future 
  • The queen bee as the heartbeat of the hive
  • Non-hierarchical roles within the hive, that support the bee community 
  • Naming both our privilege and our vulnerability 
  • Creating opportunities to be bridges between communities
  • Using our collective power to move forward and create the kind world we want
  • Why white led business’s need to be accountable to histories of harm 
  • Building trust and accountability as a community 
  • Connecting to the Earth and our bodies - to witness the grief and trauma created by capitalist / colonial systems 
  • What resilience could look like in our communities
  • Why guilt and shame don’t always work as tools for change 
  • Holding space to be wrong and make mistakes 
  • Community centred agriculture 
  • Creating queer role models in agriculture, and access to beekeeping for queer communitites 
  • Starting small and building thoughtfully, to develop a relationship with expansion and contraction
  • Bees as asexual femes - living collectively
  • And we chat about Ange’s free downloadable book, Radicalize the Hive!

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