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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Jun 13, 2018

Rachel of Aeolian Heart is an astrologer, scribe, and dreamweaver. She is creator of Aeolian Heart, offering natal chart readings and horoscopes, educational classes, and tarot readings. Aeolian Heart uses astrology and tarot as a framework to develop rich therapeutic conversations that manifest love, will and desire into the human reality.


In this conversation, we dive into:


  • Rebirthing the connection between your inner world and the outer world
  • Calling in your inner child to release limiting ideologies perpetuated by the material world
  • The meaning of Aeolian Heart in reference to the Aeolian Harp and Greek Goddess of the Wind
  • Acknowledging the importance of the Earth and its perspective in the Astrological chart
  • Why astrology is more than your fate for the day or what your personality type is
  • Living in attunement with natural cycles to reconnect with Earth beyond the material world
  • Fear-based Astrology (fatalism), and how this approach can cause a false reputation for astrologers
  • How to break out of fatalism by exploring a new creative perspective
  • How astrology readings can be liberating by embracing truths found in your natal chart
  • How to choose an astrologer that is right for you
  • The ecological wisdom of astrology, how planets and stars are comprised of the same organic materials as the human body
  • Imagination as a vehicle to connect the inner and outer systems of ecology
  • The story of Indra’s Jeweled Net to explain the interconnected light between all beings
  • The story of neutrinos to explain how traveling matter in space relates to our bodies on Earth
  • How astrological time differs from linear time





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