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Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

Dec 20, 2018

AJA is a spirit guide coach and medium living in Los Angeles, CA. Her work allows her to act as a bridge between spirit energy and the physical plane. Encouraged by her personal spirit guide, AJA founded Spirit House Collective, a community dedicated to spreading knowledge, love and healing while creating a safe space for individuals to explore their unique spiritual gifts.

In this conversation, we dive into:

  • How AJA woke up to the concept of spirit guides
  • AJA’s journey to end the repression of her metaphysical beliefs
  • Her experience of hearing a spirit’s voice for the first time
  • Tools to strengthen clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • AJA’s relationship with her spirit guide in life and business
  • An explanation of automatic writing and how to use it as a tool to connect with spirit guides
  • Why meditation is underrated as a tool for deeper understanding
  • Acknowledgment as a first step to strengthen the connection between you and your spirit guides
  • The importance of creating boundaries with spirit guides
  • Questions to ask your spirit guides
  • Self-care as an up-and-coming cultural paradigm shift
  • Speaking to different types of energy and vibrational entities
  • What is considered “a message” and how to build trust with that
  • The importance of strengthening your personal gifts rather than trying to recreate someone else’s
  • Relearning to believe in yourself rather than seeking validation from others
  • What happens in a spirit guide coaching session



In this week’s secret episode you’ll learn about:


AJA’s intention in creating the Spirit House Collective and the importance of calling in a community around your spiritual pursuits. We also discuss Witch Motel, an annual event that takes place in Joshua Tree this February. Click here to access unique insights from AJA in this secret episode!